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The boat we will charter is HERE! We are so excited!

The boat we charter is a 28 foot boat that can hold your friends and family, plus the crew. 

What makes us stand out? There is a private bathroom at the stern, the "Leaky Tiki!"

We remain in the calm, protected waters of the bay on every trip. 

Standard duration of each trip is 2 hours, but if we can we will accommodate other length tours. 

We will provide you with:

Entertainment - whether you book a Tikioke cruise, want to watch the baseball game, or some other accommodations that you have dreamed up - we got you

A parting gift. Everyone that rides the LBI Tiki BARge leaves with a token of our appreciation.

Excellent service. We are here for YOU and will take great care.

Music of your choice. We have an upgraded sound system and will play what you like.

TV's. This can be used for sports games, Tiki-oke, or simply background images.

Facts About the BARge

The LBI (1).png

Let your imagination run wild. 

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